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  • Chris Farlie

Audra McLaughlin - I Don't Wanna To Feel The Sun

After proving a massive hit at Bucle & Boots 2022 - Audra McLaughlin is back with a new single, one that previewed at the festival to great effect, and that lucky festival goers who purchased a cd have been enjoying throughout the hot summer months.

As "I Don't Want To Feel The Sun" opens there is a pounding drumbeat powering the track and the guitars are primed for ballad mode, however it is Audra that dominates this track - never has feeling down sounded quite so good.

We find Audra on the end of being heartbroken and the effects that it has had on her, such as being sat alone at home drinking

"Where the whiskey starts to burn

Just like the candlelight

Stuck inside a memory late into the night"

The chorus spells out even clearer, the void of loneliness

"I don't wanna feel the sun - I just wanna feel the rain

Drink whiskey all night long, drown away my pain

Hide under a cloud - until my love is gone

Lock me in this house - I don't wanna feel the sun"

The verses find Audra struggling with having to deal with the mundanity of life, which carries on regardless or not of if you are not in the right frame of mind,

"Waking up this morning - feel like hell again

Looking like a train wreck - off to work again!"

consequently she finds hereself waiting for the time when she can get back home and "Sit here in the dark".

There is a guitar solo but placed against Audra's vocals there will only ever be one winner

The later choruses see the vocal shackles loosen and Audra gets rockier in her delivery, as if taking on the characteristics of character having had a whiskey or two, before going on to finish with some soulful vocal gymnastics. It feels like destined to be a song that will see Audra facing an audience of lit up phones for some years to come.

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