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  • Chris Farlie

Aoife Carton - Be On Time

Last time we heard from Aoife was with her excellent single "Not What I'm Into", it was moody drums and spaghetti westrn guitar and impressed us so much we took a deep dive into her back catalogue.

For her latest release "Be On Time" she has gone back to basics with a much more stripped back yet equally affecting sound. with her acoustic guitar to the fore while in the background there is a banjo and a magnificent organ sound that provides a rich atmosphere.

This is sad little story as Aoife retells a situation from her past of being in love with someone that would perpetually let her down.

"Be there at six - I was there by five

If you showed at all it was well past nine"

Aoife is somehow able to channel those feelings into a vocal performance in such a way that we really feel her pain, we feel her "captured by your hope" willing to forgive anything such is the high esteem in which she holds this person - willing to forgive anything.

"When I stripped you bare of all the hardship you would wear I know

You meant it when you said you'd be on time"

Eventually Aoife does see the light "I stopped holding my breath for you to show"

As singles go it is truly hearfelt and it wears every bit of hurt on its sleeve, and leaves us intrigued to see what Aoife will do next.

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