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  • Chris Farlie

Alana Springsteen - Good Things Fall Apart

Move over Bruce there's a new Springsteen in town and with her new single 19 year old Alana Springsteen seems destined to be getting a lot of attention with it. With a virtual squad of writers gathered together to create it "Good Things Fall Apart" works so well because of authenticity Alana is able to give to it, her ability to successfully portray the mixed up ball of confusion that comes when your life is turned upside down.

From the opening guitar intro through to the rapid fire questioning of the open lines, it is Alana's performance holds the listeners attention.

"Did I say something wrong?

Did you hear what I was thinking?

Did I talk way too long

When I told you all my feelings that night?"

With a storming chorus that moves rapidly from confusion to acceptance, Alana is able to play it perfectly, the genuine bemusement and self blaming is delivered with a level of realism, as is the resiliency of the youth in the pay of line of the chorus.

"Tell me what you hate about me whatever it is I'm sorry

I know I can be dramatic but everybody said we had it

Coming to terms with a broken heart I guess that sometimes good things fall apart"

With swathes of guitars and a big drum sound this single should put a new Springsteen on the radar of music fans everywhere.

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