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  • Chris Farlie

Adele & Andy - When All These Roads Meet

You've always got to admire artists who put out records with minimum instrumental backing, it leaves no room to hide - and the best part of this single is easily Adele's singing when she is mainly only backed by a piano.

The opening verse sees Adele seeking reassurance of how the future of a relationship will pan out.

"When the rain is falling and the sky is turning gray

Will you always love me like you do today?

When the winds are blowing and changes who we greet

Will you always hold me when all these roads meet?"

It could be argued that if you are having to ask then the answer is probably not what you are going to want to hear however the counter argument could be that things are so perfect that you just want to hear it will always be like this.

The song sees Adele paint various scenarios from "when the stars are falling and darkness clouds our way" of difficult times through to her final days when "the end is nearing and everything is so bleak" asking if her partner will still be there.

There are some nice atmospheric guitar lines on the track however the one thing the will decide if you like this track or not will undoubtedly be your reaction to the programmed percussion. Personally I'd have much preferred the sound of a real drum sound over a drum machine or even nothing at all as it does become a little distracting from what is undoubtedly a fine vocal performance.

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