• Chris Farlie

Adam Sweet - You Or Me

Adam Sweet's last outing was a delightful acoustic EP but it's back to electric and to a more bluesy rootsy sound for his latest single, "You or Me", the first from a new album "Sink Or Swim" due at some point later in the year. Those that were lucky to see Adam at Midwinterfest in January, got a sneaky peak at some of these songs but few will have guessed at just how vivid and in your face they would turn out.

The sound of the guitars is crisp and clear from the start, imagine Iggy Pop's "Passenger" guitar riff being given a Southern rock blues makeover providing the background and matched with one of the most vibrant pieces of harmonica playing you'll ever hear courtesy of one of the UK’s finest blues harp players Ian Briggs and you will only be part of the way to imagining just how good this sounds. In fact the whole band have a number of acts on their CV's from Robert Plant to Andrea Boccelli!

Co written with Steve Black it looks backwards and indeed hopefully forwards to a world where social distancing is no more,where two peoples eyes can meet and create that certain frisson as each wonder who will make the initial move.

The lyrics are full of the questions "Who will make the first move you or me?", "Who will break the silence?" as the singer internally calculates what is going to happen next. while also pondering on what might happen if no-one makes a move "Chances pass two lovers by - will that be you and me?". Adam naturally contributes a great little solo as well as sounding even more confident on his vocals with each release.

It doesn't outstay it's welcome and finishes as crisply as it might at a live show, and works as excellent introduction to Adam's new sound and we look forward to one day being able to see this band tear up a hot sweaty club somewhere.

You or Me is released May 1st.

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