• Chris Farlie

Adam Sweet - Like It Or Not

Adam Sweet releases the second single from his highly anticipated "Sink Or Swim" album and this time round we have a much softer soulful blues sound in "Like It Or Not". The pace is almost dreamy, the bands playing once again superb, with a rich organ sound almost stealing the show away from Adam's delicate guitar playing.

It's another co write with Steve Black which immediately raises expectations that are duly delivered on as the song unfolds. From the very start it holds the attention lyrically "Her eyes told me, something had changed. the wanting replaced by a look unexplained". Each verse finishes on a different observation Nothing stays the same", "All things will get old", "Dreams crumble and fall"

The dreamy rhythm continues all the way through like a cruise down the river on a summers day at a gentle pace, there is no traditional chorus as such and strangely it doesn't feel missed. The one change of pace coming at the bridge which is something of an plea

"You won't talk 'till you're ready - till the moment is right in your heart but if we share this you might see we're in this together not apart".

With Adam providing suitably laid back vocals and a divine guitar solo this is pretty much flawless, you could leave it on repeat all day and never tire of it. Two singles in and that appetite is truly whetted for the "Sink Or Swim" album which should be something special,

Like It Or Not is released on June 12th

Adam's album launch will be a hometown show - make a date for what is sure to be an excellent evening.

Friday, October 23rd, 2020 Marine Theatre Theatre Square, Lyme Regis, United Kingdom

Adam will also be joining Alan West & Steve Black for what will surely be a tumultuous "Lockdown" reunion in Alan's Garden on Friday at a safe distance for a Livestream show where he might even play this if we ask nicely!!

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