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  • Chris Farlie

Lisa Wright - 500 Miles

it's a welcome return for Lisa Wright with her latest single, a recreation of the The Proclaimers standard "500 Miles". It's featured in films, and had its own Comic Relief version but its always been something of a triumphant bombastic curtain closer bringing the end to an evenings entertainment, and so it's great to report that Lisa has taken it back to its bare bones found a more tender meaning at the centre of it that many of us have probably missed on our way to the storming singalong chorus.

Originally requested by her brother for singing at a 10th anniversary renewal of vows, Lisa has managed to keep all of the passion of the original ( even keeping the word havering ) while adding something just a little special. The original is clearly directed at one person, it is urgent and incessant and as the song progresses you feel that you take each step of the 500 miles with them. Lisa's version is subtly different in that it seems to be directed at the listener, to the point that when she sings at the end "I'm at your door" you half expect her to see her looking in!!

Wisely resisting the urge to do a direct copy of the chorus chant, instead replacing it with a beautiful lilt, this marks a fine return for Lisa as well as a nice way to see out 2019 - and one hopes that this is just the beginning and that a follow up to the wonderful EP that was "Mind Of Mine" will appear early in 2020

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