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Kerri Watt - Chasing Aeroplanes

The reinvention of Kerri Watt continues apace with another single teasing us as to what the album due to follow next year will sound like. Produced by Grammy nominated producer Machine ( no me neither!) who normally works in a different genre entirely,the combination has produced something once again just a little different.

For a start it is recorded live with a kick ass band, and has a lovely raw feel about it, just listen to the drumming or the glorious pounded piano running through the track let alone the backing vocalists.

Lyrically it deals with the issues that we all have to deal with at some point like having a family, as the opening couplet goes "Do we all feel this way when we see those tiny hands - will there ever be a day when we just know?" and how that balances against living your own life or having your own career first.

This a great single which should really make people stand up and pay attention and as if the song itself is not enough you also need to check out the accompanying video with Kerri playing the 4 distinct members of her own band. It's nuts but great fun and shows a great sense of humour. Kerri's live set at C2C was one of the stand out 25 minutes of the whole year for me so really wanting to see how far she can take this.



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