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Katie Kittermaster - Sunday Afternoon

It was but a few weeks ago that we first saw Katie Kittermaster, she played four songs in 2 separate sets and displayed such grace, charm and talent that she seems inevitably destined for greater things. On that night she had played with just a backing guitarist which allowed the quality of her lyrics and singing to shine through.

For her new single "Sunday Afternoon", the producers have wisely spotted this as well and the production is handled with a light touch retaining all of the elements that made that live appearance so special.

The opening is just Katie and an acoustic guitar, with the sound gradually building in layers while keeping Katie's unique voice at the forefront. Slightly sung, slightly spoken there is a warm endearing quality to this track that makes it an almost irresistible pop single, laden with lots of hooks to entice the passing listener.

The song itself dealing with the joys of being with the one you care about on a lazy Sunday afternoon, that sensation described perfectly "You make me feel like I can't breathe in and all i see is stars in a good way I swear". This is resoundingly upbeat, and exactly the right sound to close out the summer and Katie will probably tap into a universal feeling as she sings "That's all right don't worry dear - i don't mind just lying here I'm in your arms tonight".

On the basis of that live show there is a lot more to come from Katie and it is going to be fascinating to see how fast she develops as an artist and where her journey will eventually take her..

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