Clara Bond - Does Your Girlfriend Know Your Single?

The first single from Clara's forthcoming "Crown" project, is the song that has been part of her live set for many years, "Does Your Girlfriend Know Your Single?". Those with long memories may recall this popping up on her "Focus" EP, but forget that version this is refreshed revitalised and in another league altogether.

It's bold, punchy and in your face with a choppy rhythm guitar, a beefy bass supporting Clara in delivering a slap down to a would be lothario in a cracking chorus

"I'll make this easy for you, you shouldn't be confused you never had me to lose so you don't have to choose".

We're left in no doubt as to who Clara is dealing with someone "spilling lies like Cassanova" and this paints her in a positive light as an independent minded 21st century woman,

It has the feel and beat of a dance record without having to incorporate too much of the gimmickry usually associate with the genre leaving it almost in a genre of its own - always better to be setting trends than following them - the forthcoming EP will only cement that more.

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