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Lucy Blu - Row Your Own

Fresh from her success at Country On The Coast comes Lucy Blu with yet another excellent single, "Row Your Own". Produced by ex Wandering Heart Tim Prottey-Smith this is an excellent example of almost subliminally getting your message across. What could easily be a quite bitter and angry song comes wrapped in a Kacey Musgraves / Brandy Clark style wrapper that makes it twice as effective.

From the opening lines of "You ain't impressing no-one with your messing, your bickering your name calling your spite" the anger in the lyrics is delivered by Lucy in a delightfully calm measured style laving no-one in any doubt as to who occupies the higher ground.

It's an excellent put down to those who seem to take relish in the needlessly negative or as Lucy puts it "Why speak if you've got nothing nice to say?". The song comes with a reaffirming message that many can take solace from and stand behind, "You won't fix yourself by breaking me"

Complete with a superbly mellow guitar solo this song, that only lasts for just over two and a half mins flies by in what seems like half the time begging for you to play it again as soon as possible.

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