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C2C 2019 - Holly Rose Webber - The Big Entrance Stage

The unenviable job of kicking off the Big Entrance stage at 10:30, fell to Holly Rose Webber, who firmly put the Country back into C2C. This was a first sight of Holly Rose for us as she is more often to be found playing in and around Harrogate but pre festival research suggested that she would be one to watch. With the stage packed with 8 people, things commenced with "Heartbreaker", a glorious piece of classic country with the pedal steel to the fore. With an obvious ear for a good tune, Holly Rose carried on with "Angel Eyes" again standing out as a superior piece of UK Country with Holly Rose leading from the front, wearing a hat and with long flowing blonde hair, Holly Rose had a rich deep warm soulful voice as she delivered her songs clutching the microphone with one hand in its stand.

The set was really enjoyable, songs like "Shame On You" with its lines about "Holler and Swallowing" came with at least 3 or 4 different hooks.and also had some great work on backing vocals from the band, that really rocked the Big Entrance stage to its core. The set closed with an old school country blues rocker "Help Me I've Got Dirty On My Mind" which featured some great piano playing that really made it - this is someone we really should see more of - not necessarily this early in the morning !!

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