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Joe Martin - Daddy Gene

Eugene Cernan at present holds a somewhat unique title - he is one of only 11 people who have set foot on the moon and as he got into the capsule after the other astronauts he was the last man to set foot on the moon. At the time of all these lunar antics he was also a father to a daughter who was far more interested in knowing" Daddy when you taking me camping Like you promised me you would?"

This is the premise of Joe Martins new single "Daddy Gene", already a firm favourite in his live solo set, this version like his previous single "Love Strong", comes with the high octane backing of "The Champions Of The World" who really drive the track along at a furious pace.

There is glorious drumming from Steve Brookes, and the pedal steel and piano all combine to give Joe a fantastic backing over which to sing. Seeing history through the eyes of a small child more interested in wanting her Dad to " Bring me a moonbeam" is an inspired idea and one of many that Joe has up his sleeve for 2019.

It also continues a fine run of singles from Mr Martin who has a keen ear for a great tune.

Last Man On The Moon trailer (the inspiration behind the song):

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