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  • Chris Farlie

Lisa Redford - Anything But Easy

Last year we highlighted the Pledge campaign of Lisa Redford, which was to help both fund her EP and to make a charitable donation to Dogs Trust and the first single from that EP "Edge Of Love" has arrived and is called "Anything Is Easy".

For many Lisa may be a new name, her profile has maybe been a little low of late, but let's not forget she was a 2 time pop up performer at C2C. She also really made an impression on TEAMw21 when she made a short but impressive appearance at last year's Ramblin' Roots Revue where this was one of the songs played and this single and the following EP will hopefully raise her profile even more.

Produced by José McGill from The Vagaband, the song has a bright and breezy sound, with gentle percussion underplaying a swathe of fiddle, dobro and acoustic guitars over which Lisa has laid down some heartfelt lead and backing vocals.

Beneath the almost upbeat tune though is a somewhat downbeat tale of a relationship where one half wants to leave or indeed has already left while the other still harbours hope that things can be salvaged and disbelief at the situation "I'll never know how you could let this slip away". This happens despite the singer deep down knowing that things are already past the point of no return "I hold you close I feel you pull away under a spell too hard to break".

All in all it makes for a great taster for the forthcoming EP and certainly a pleasing result for anyone backing Lisa's campaign.

‘Anything But Easy’ is released on iTunes on 22nd February 2019.


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