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Olivia Lane Hey 3 A.M.

Olivia Lane will be a new name to many but she's had over 20 million streams for her music and next month will be landing in the UK for a short run of acoustic shows and her new single "Hey 3 AM" is a good introduction to what we may get at those shows.

The song starts with a ticking clock before opening out to a gentle ballad with Olivia addressing the time as if it is a person.

It will strike a chore with anyone who has had trouble sleeping - as Olivia notes "You ain't around when things are goin' right but as soon as my walls go caving in".

Musically the song subtly builds up starting with just an acoustic guitar, but gradually a piano is added and then percussion to make the song gently attention grabbing

There are some nice lyrical touches and the song ends on an optimistic not with Olivia signing off with a message to her invisible friend -

"Hope tonight that you won't hear me say - "Hey 3AM""

It all bodes well for some excellent shows

Olivia Lane will be playing the following upcoming UK show 5th Feb - The Castle Hotel, Manchester 6th Feb - The Slaughtered Lamb, London 7th Feb - Colonel Fawcett, London (The Round Up w/ Jake Morrell, Foreign Affairs & Two Ways Home)

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