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Midwinterfest 2019 - Day 3 - Alan West, Steve Black, Adam Sweet, Mick Harding - The Sunday Session

The Sunday Morning session always has a different vibe to the rest of the weekend, there's a mixture of looking back over the previous two days comparing personal high spots with fellow fans and artists alike, mixed with the tinge of regret that the event is once again drawing to a close and the thought of the long journey home. This year quite possibly the most diverse yet in terms of the types of music covered has been an unqualified success. As we enter the final session it is worth reflecting on the part played by Alan and Steve our hosts, the glue that holds the event together. With Alan now playing a major role at Axminster Town the amount of time that they get to play together is considerably less, and it seemed that their performances this year were all the stronger despite that.

Taking to the stage for the final time with just a loose plan of how to close things out, Alan opened the final set with a cover of Tom Russell's "Blue Wing" one a number of songs making their Midwinterfest debuts across the weekend. With Mick once again able to resume duties on drums the quartet moved on with Steve singing " I Will Dance With You" then onto another of Steve's compositions with "Come On Home", the addition of the drums giving the song that additional impetus along with an Adam Sweet guitar solo.

Jefferson Ross may have left the building but his presence was still felt by a version of "The Prophet Elijah", a song always guaranteed to make the hairs on your arm stand up. Steve then chose to play another new song "I Won't Betray My Soul", that came with a stirring chorus. A chance to let Adam give an airing to play one of the stand out tracks from his last EP, it also allowed for Alan and Steve to sort out the drinks. The version of "These Days" was simply beautiful with Adam channeling his inner Jackson Browne, supported by just a little gentle percussion from Mick - even mouthing a little "Yeah " at the end as he realised just how well it had gone. With Alan and Steve fully replenished, the quartet resumed with on the Steve Black / Jim Almand "He Ain't Fooling Me". while for "Devil Or Angel" the song saw both singing at full pelt with Adam giving lovely little guitar flourishes.and a little Spanish guitar sounding solo.

The cautionary Ed Bruce tale "Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow up To Be Cowboys" proved to be a rousing audience singalong before things finished on the traditional curtain closer, "The Way Of The World", and then Midwinterfest 2019 was finally at an end.

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