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Midwinterfest 2019 - JP & The Wise Guys

From Bluegrass the afternoon then turned to rock and roll with JP & The Wise Guys. Led by the unmistakable larger than life in all ways Neil Flowers backed by the Wise Guys on drums, electric guitar, double bass and saxophone - they provided an afternoon treat.

These guys had not played together for 18 years which is why there Internet footprint is almost non existent! The thing that made this set most enjoyable was that these may have been old rock ‘n’ roll songs but they were not the usual run of the mill suspects so in essence it was like hearing them for the first time, and hearing the start of rock 'n' roll.

So the set was peppered with songs by the likes of Chuck Berry ( Almost Grown) or Big Joe Turner (Chicken & The Hawk) or BB King (Early In The Morning), but not the ones you'd expect, in fact in the whole 50 minute set the only song we could honestly say we recognized was "Tequila" but that did not stop us marvelling at the power of the Sax playing.or the power of the vocals. For Louis Prima's "Jump Jive an' Wail" we even got a display of Jump Jiving from a couple of Swing Commanders who had arrived early for the evenings performance. As the Midwinterfest slogan says "It's all about the music" and while this may have been a little out of our normal comfort zone it did not stop us from being thoroughly entertained.

#JPTheWiseGuys #Midwinterfest2019

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