• Words Chris Farlie Picture Pete Woodhouse

Midwinterfest 2019 - Alan West, Steve Black, Adam Sweet - The Saturday Session

For their second performance of the weekend Alan Steve and Adam were relegated to the floor such was the demand for space on the stage from the two acts appearing later in the evening – even Mick was returned to his position at the sound desk. Alan opened up the evening session with “Catfish John” with Steve providing backing vocals on the song originally sung by Johnny Russell.

The next choice was a request from Wayne Lee who’s father Albert had played on the original version of “Line In The Sand”, the tortured tale that only Steve Black could give the air of realism and tragedy to brought sharply into focus by Alan’s rich vocals. With Alan taking the first 2 songs it was over to Steve for the next one “One More Web To Weave”. Alan's next choice was inspired by a Guy Clark Biography given to him as a present by Steve Black, and so it was a cover of Guy's “L.A. Freeway” that saw Alan produce some exceptional vocals from within.

For the next song Alan vacated the floor leaving just Adam and Steve to perform a short mini set. The first song once again saw Steve embrace the blues with. “Pride and Joy” a Stevie Ray Vaughan cover that saw Adam take lead vocals and once again inject some volume into the guitar playing. The duo carried on with an uptempo blues song “The Next Man” from Adam’s Small Town Thinking” album. The next song was the Sweet / Black party piece where Adam sings “Jean Genie” before it descends into Steve pulling a variety of faces at the repetitiveness of his guitar part, even at one stage supping a pint while playing as Adam picks out various riffs from Dr Who to “Smoke On the Water” before they rejoined on the “Jean Genie” chorus – you have to be there to appreciate how funny it is – words cannot do it justice. The final song for the duo was Steve’s take on “Waterloo Sunset” a rare trip into Sixties pop culture with this Ray Davies classic. one great songwriter acknowledging another maybe with Steve at times reaching surprisingly high notes.

Alan took his place back on the stage and lead vocals for the final few songs, the first “Angaline Would You Like To Dance Again” an Ed Bruce classic from 1978. The second a Jefferson Ross classic “Hornet Hawkins” sung with Jefferson looking on, who would come from his place at the back to stand next to Steve and provide finger clicking and backing and occasionally lead vocals, the song also found room for an Adam Sweet guitar solo. To close the set one of our all time favourites the title track from surely Alan’s finest album “All Things For A Reason” – sounding absolutely perfect. The closing song of the Saturday night session was Adam Sweet’s version of Steve Black “You Think Your Lonely"

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