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Midwinterfest 2019 - Ags Connolly

If ever an act was perfectly built to dovetail into a set from West and Black then it is Ags Connolly, to the point that he started with “Get Out Of My Mind” a song regularly covered by Alan & Steve themselves. Tonight appearing solo, with a splendid cream hat. “Get Out of My Mind” remains a masterful piece of wordplay and in this solo environment Ags was able to keep the audience attention rapt.

Immediately Ags fired into the upbeat tune if downbeat lyric of “Just Pour It I’ll Say When” with his guitar taking a severe strumming, it was a brand new song getting its debut at Midwinterfest. With a great sense of humour and a new batch of songs due to be recorded in March, Ags was on absolutely top form despite nursing an oncoming sore throat, “You Lose A Life” was another strong sounding new song receiving a storming reaction for a song being heard for the first time.

After a run of new songs, it was back to one of Ag’s classics “I Saw James Hand” with Ags detailing the various times he has Mr Hand over the years and the effect it had on him, along with a classic story about James checking out of hospital to play a set the day he had just had a stroke! Time with Ags is always captivating “Do You Realise That Now?” only reinforcing his ability to entertain a receptive crowd.

The new songs kept coming, “The Meaning Of The Word” was another piece of classic sounding country that managed to sound modern and fresh, rarely have we seen a set of new songs get received so well. It was back to the older material for “I Hope She Woudn't Be Here”, and then it was a revisit to a newish song played at last year’s Midwinterfest “Lonely Nights In Austin” which a year on retained its power to absorb your attention. By public request he performed “Slow Burn” despite the sore throat audibly causing him some discomfort, for which an alcoholic balm was dispatched from the bar to short term soothing effect. One final song, the title track of his first album “How About Now?”, closed out an outstanding performance despite his poor throat to a huge ovation, with fans at the end coming up to him saying that they had nearly been moved to tears which is some testament to the power of the performance.

Ags will be performing at The Green Note with Southern Companion on Tuesday 15th January in a must see double bill.

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