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Midwinterfest 2019 - Adam Sweet Band

Adam Sweet and his band injected the first bit of real volume into the Friday night with a set of Blues rock supported with Garry Kroll on drums and Paddy Blight on bass.. Opening with a couple of songs from “Small Town Thinking”, “The Best Thing She Ever Had”. and “At Times Like This” for the second song, a slightly slower blues, Adam’s face was often contorted as he squeezed every ounce of sound from his guitar.

Last year Adam released an excellent acoustic EP, "Take Your Time", tonight was a chance to hear them in the confines of a louder, electric setting, "Albertine" possibly the most poppy blues of the set complete with requisite solo sounded great , while the Steve Black co write "New Friend" also made a successful transformation. Once again there were nods to a previous UK blues legend, Peter Green with covers from his era of Fleetwood Mac, "The Green Manalishi" and and an absolutely blistering "Oh Well".

The second half of the set if anything was slightly stronger "Name Your Price", a natural choice for tonight, with its nod to blues mythology of selling your soul,. had a an almost funky blues feel to it and ended with Adam letting out a loud cackle at the end.. The rhythm section went full David Bowie "Jean Genie" for their backing on "Santarosa Street" which detailed the troubles you can get in when abroad. Adam is gathering material hopefully for a new release in 2019 and one of those songs "Trouble", written with the assistance of Mr Black seems a strong contender for inclusion. One of the stand out tracks on Adam last acoustic EP was "Take Your Time", and tonight this was to prove to be a rare live outing for that song which worked superbly in the surroundings of the ballroom as it gradually built up.

The set closed with Steve Black joining the trio for a couple of final songs in an unusually loud environment including a rocking "I'm Down But Not Out" where i'm sure we even saw at one point Steve pulling a bit of a Status Quo pose. !!!

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