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Ella Stephen - Electricity / Ready for The Fall

It's the second single for Ella Stephen following on from the first "Ready for The Fall". This one starts with the punch line of the chorus, a distorted almost robotic voice repeating the title of the song over a drum machine and some guitars.

The chorus itself is a rising gem as it gradually builds up on the lines "Burning up the night counting every hour, knowing that we got no will power" before again falling away to the robotic vocals,

There is a guitar solo that many an 80's rock band would have been proud to have cranked out that strangely does not seem out of place as it might sound.

All in all it makes for 2 highly promising singles from Ella and we await to see what she does next.

With the nights getting a little colder it's also worth checking out "Ready For The Fall" the debut solo single came with a video which saw Ella playing her guitar on what looks like a cliff on the South coast, with the wind blowing through her vivid red hair. It established her as liking a bit of a rocky guitar and an anthemic chorus and who could not love a song with the line "I should have seen the autumn leaves telling me I gotta to be ready for the fall"!


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