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Meg Lawrenson Band - Vodka, Drive On By, Wreck

Hailing from Brighton Vodka is Meg's third single and the first released from her upcoming EP. While still something of a raw talent there is plenty on display to suggest that she'll only get better in time and with a bigger budget, Having said that this song comes with its own video filmed in Sweden..

It is pretty basic instrumentation wise starting with an acoustic intro before the band kick in with an incessant guitar riff that repeats throughout and sticks in your mind as well as a steady drum beat that all go to make a really enjoyable single. There's a lovely shift uptempo in the chorus with some additional backing vocals that gives it real oomph and a spirit that is quite endearing. Lyrically it touches on the passing of a relationship that was never going to work, she's wise enough to realise that "it wasn't going to work out anyway" and is ready to move on. There's plenty to look forward to on her new EP which is launched in Brighton at Sticky Mikes on Oct 25th with a 3 artist bill for only £3 with all the money going to the Charity School Bus Project.

Meg's 1st release date back to 2015, with "Drive On By" which seemed to set the precedent for the acoustic intro leading into the main song. It's a punchy bit of pop with some backing vocals that lift it above your average first effort. Listing a range of influences that tick all the right boxes in our book, this is well worth checking out.

The second single released towards the tail end of 2015 is a heartfelt tale of angst which comes with a migraine inducing video, but let that not detract from a rather raw break up song and facing up to life being alone. This is a ambitious attempt at a huge production which sways from gentle acoustic strumming to a full on band playing flat out. There's a slight tendency to try to squeeze to many words into one line which gives it a slightly disjointed feeling but again this was an artist in her embryonic stage and there are plenty of positives in this song.

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