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The Brummies Main Stage The Long Road

One of the names that stood out on the Long Road line up was The Brummies the new vehicle for two gents who had previously been firm favourites in the UK when they toured as John & Jacob. Anyone expecting a like for like of John & Jacob live may have been slightly disappointed as this was definitely a different sort of sound but for those familiar with the their previously recorded output or indeed the debut Brummies release will be familiar with their ear for a Beatlesque harmony.

Opening with "Songbird" this was going to be a showcase for the new band, and what a showcase it was. Songs like "Lovers Do" written on a wet holiday in the Dominican Republic sounded fantastic while their flashback to the old J&J days with ""Be My Girl" saw them literally bouncing around the stage with song retaining all of its charm coming complete with both trumpet and whistling solos!

Songs like "What Do you Think?" complete with its four part harmonies evoked that Merseybeat feel while "Going Crazy" was delightfully new wave sounding with synths and choppy guitars and more great vocal harmonies.

There then came a frantic drum and synth intro into "Set You Free" which had a distinctly John Lennon feel to it.while "Drive Away" their single on which Kasey Musgraves sings had a bit of everything in it, sounding almost proggy at times!

The set closed with their song about procrastination "Do It Tomorrow" which ended in a mass rock out with everyone playing at full pelt to a singalong chorus. It was great to finally get to see The Brummies - let's hope we don't have to wait to long to see them again as it would be great to hear "Norway"!" once again which sadly they did not have time for today.


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