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Megan O'Neill - The Long Road - Front Porch Stage

On arriving and hearing that Megan O'Neill would be playing her third and final set of the weekend on The Front Porch stage there was only place to head. The Stage literally was the Front Porch of house that opened out on to a large grassy area and a Ferris wheel! Literally bringing a bit of sunshine into our lives Megan took to the stage just as it became bathed in warm late summer rays.

This performance was mainly to be a visit to her recent album "Ghost Of You" and with Megan stood behind her keyboard the title track was also to be the opening song. A large crowd gathered instantly to find her in both good humour and excellent voice as she followed with the excellent "Bottle".

Leaving the piano to stand by the microphone, she achieved the impossible of managing to give an open air lunch time show the feel of an intimate late night gig with "Let's Make One Up" and then proved herself to be mistress of the ballad with a song written with the Dunwells "Any Younger", with a delivery packed with emotion. All the time she was backed by an excellent new band who really added to the performance with sympathetic playing and excellent backup vocals. The mellow phase was to come to an end with one final song, the beautiful "Why I Need You".

In attempt to get everyone moving "Treading Water" provided the first audience singalong of the day while "Tell you To Leave" and "Good Love" kept things rocking. With a couple of covers to close out including the first of many outings for "My Church" this was a great introduction to The Long Road for us.

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