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Buckle & Boots 2018- The Paddock Stage - Danny McMahon

Already the buzz of the #TEAMw21 offices after his performance caught the eye of some of the team this was a moment we had been waiting for and it did not disappoint.

In the very first Buckle & Boots the Acoustic Tent as it was then or the Paddock Stage as it was rechristened this year was very much a place for solo performers and their guitars and the odd "In The Round" session - this year at times it became a mini main stage and never more so than when Danny McMahon and his band took to the stage playing their brand of UK country.

Opening with "The Other Side" they had big stage volume and a song with an immediate chorus and the feel of a US band while staying decidedly British. With three guitars and keyboards as well the sound was able to really fill the tent.

The second song "Broken Hearted" was instantly likeable, with those keyboards just able to soften the sound a little but with enough hooks to ensure that the crowd were chanting and clapping along as itf they had known it all of their life.

A Chris Young cover of "Aw Naw" followed except this version sounded slightly fast and had a lot more energy than Chris put into it last time he was over and saw saw Danny come to the front of the stage a couple of times clearly loving every minute.

The amazing thing about Danny even being at Buckle & Boots is that he is a relatively recent recruit to the genre having only visited C2C for the first time into 2017 yet he seems to take to it like a natural, The whole journey and more is captured in "What's It's Like".

The new single is "Move" and you know you are in the presence of something special when fellow audience members unsolicited start nudging you to say how good they think an act is. The reason for this is that Danny and his band were possibly the only act of the weekend I saw who managed to transform the big tent and make it feel like a small venue.

The final song of a far too short set set was "Couldn't Write A Love Song" another song that was immediately engaging and completed what in essence was a Main Stage performance which is where he will surely be next year.

Danny McMahon plays The Slaughtered Lamb 4th July

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