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Buckle & Boots 2018 Main Stage - Jenn Bostic

Returning for a second year at Buckle & Boots was Jenn Bostic, with some of the songs that were previewed then, going on to form the basis of her excellent new "Revival" album. Having already supplied currently the show of the year at Bush Hall it was really just going to be a case of whether she could get close to those heights again. In truth it was never likely if only because the duration of the set never gave a chance to take us on the full journey but let that not detract from what was one of the best sets of the weekend. The band are by now completely at one with the material oozing confidence and Jenn can lead from the front buoyed by knowing that she is taking a great record out on the road.

Playing outside also allowed a little volume to be added to the set, and "Wrong Thing" the opener was a suitably loud and rocking start with Jenn taking her usual position standing behind her keyboard, The only thing that seems to change in the shows this year are the backing vocalists who play a prominent role on a lot of the material in the set with the job tonight falling to Jade Helliwell and April Jai giving that additional lift on the second track of the album and of the set tonight "Haunting Me" which saw Jenn take to holding the microphone. The "Revival" album is a much rootsier affair than her other ones and it really suits her voice, with the performance on"Love You" being outstanding.

Friday night was indeed party night, if there was a time to raise your hands for "Hollywood" then this was it. The funky feel continued with "Before It Gets Better" with the audience singing along in full voice., and that was to continue through the "What Love Feels Like / People Get Ready" medley.

The only other nod to earlier albums came with "Not Yet" with Jenn's pulling a myriad of faces as every fibre of energy in her body was put into delivering the best vocal she possibly could.

It has been a year of change for Jenn, changing Management and Publishers to allow her to make the record that she wanted to make in "Revival" but when you hear the sheer power in songs like "Lamp" or indeed the bluesy gospel feel of the title track itself which closed out the main set then you know that right decision was made.

Her time on stage seemed to absolutely fly by and really we could have easily have coped with another 30 minutes at least.

Of course there had to be an encore with Jenn confessing that she had nearly lost it on hearing the crowd singing "Take It To The River" replacing the Nashville choir on the record.

The closer when it came was the Bonnie Raitt song "Love Me Like A Man" which she has been singing since she was far too young to appreciate the lyrics. Jenn as per last year would later be found all over the site throughout the weekend and would make a number of other appearances before the Festival would close.- ensuring that she git the full Buckle and Boots experience.

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