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  • Chris Farlie

Never Fade Sessions with Ward Thomas, Jamie Yost & Melanie Baker - The Social

The Social to say the least is an unusual venue to watch music, the entrance is down a narrow staircase that eventually leads to the venue. As you enter there is a tiny stage in front of the sound desk which is decorated with fairy lights. Seating is at a premium, the first 15 or so people take the chairs and tables in a small area in front of the stage. To their right are a selection of booth like tables each with a reserved sign on them, each person that enters smiles thinking they have landed a prime seat only to be dismayed as they get closer. The side wall of the venue has little alcoves that sit about 5 or more people, the rest of the crowd are in for a long stand - or at least that's the way it seemed however a prompt start, swift changeovers and the headliners coming on third instead of fourth changed all that.