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Lisa Wright: Mind Of Mine EP Launch 229 The Venue

Essentially the culmination of many months of hard effort since her return to the UK country circuit after a spell treading the boards, has led to this moment, with Lisa Wright taking to the stage at 229, fronting a band while about to release the best EP of her career

From the opening chords of "Rising Strong" it was immediately clear that the omens were good, the band were perfectly balanced in terms of volume and sound while the full drum kit to the back of the stage was played in keeping with the size of the venue never threatening to overpower the overall mix..

The first special moment of many occurred three songs in with "Before I Die" as this really showed that this was the Lisa Wright Band as opposed to just Lisa Wright playing with a band, tonight they showed that they had a perfect feel for the material.

The reason for the gathering was for the release of the excellent "Mind Of Mine" EP and it was the fourth song of the set "Never Gonna Fall In Love" that was her first visit to the EP and it was also the first piece of audience participation.

Another trip to the EP came next with the title track "Mind Of Mine" which saw Lisa even finding time for an arm gesture or 2 for added emphasis. On a night of few covers, one that did stand out was that of Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" delivered with true feeling.

The section that highlighted an artist in complete control came as "Giving Up The Ghost" which came replete with some excellent guitar work, It was followed by a solo version of "Waiting For Rain" essentially two intense moments which need an audience paying attention if they are to work perfectly, tonight there was not even a whisper to be heard!

Things burst back into full band mode for a rip roaring "Tennessee" for which Lisa was joined by the co writer of the song, and rising star herself Kaity Rae. This was followed by an exceptionally realised version of "Back To You" which has never sounded better.

Jack Cooper from Holloway Road made a timely appearance to supply Lisa with a quick shot prior to the final song of the main set, one that Holloway Road and her had co written, "In The End", with Lisa's band able to build up the atmospherics of the song in its conclusion. Not wishing to "Leave us on a downer" things were to close out with "Why Would I Wanna" before stepping off stage to meet and greet with the assembled crowd.

In the career of every artist there comes a point when they move up a division and tonight this was truly a headlining performance that marked just such a leap. The set showed a large body of quality material and a singer able to hold and entertain an audience, while the delivery and on stage demeanour showed an artist in complete control.

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