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C2C 2018 Radio 2 at Indigo Danielle Bradbery

Looking slightly more prepared for the English weather than she had earlier in the week Danielle Bradbery continued her charm offensive on the UK with another stand out set. As for her previous set she is only accompanied by her acoustic guitarist and so songs like "Can't Stay Mad" sound pretty much like they do on the first minute of the recorded version for the whole duration, it is a more authentic voice that comes through.

The album is a result of all that has happened since appearing on tv five years ago and she is so much more than that programme, having helped write seven of the songs on her album and garnered an ACM nomination, this is now a serious artiste!. Songs like "What Are We Doing?" allow her to ease her way into the set without needing to fire off any vocal gymnastics but safe to to say they were coming. The way she was to sing the lines "My Broken Heart" in the final verse of "Hello Summer" was suitably dramatic while "Human Diary" a highly personal song despite the fact that she did not have a hand in writing it was sung with such feeling while her hand gestures helped sell every line. The audience was rapt in their attention and the venue a total hush.

The new single "Sway" was delivered in style with some swaying gestures and a big smile as she could hear the audience singing the words back to her. The final song "Worth It" saw the roof well and truly lifted with a spectacular vocal performance that was all that we had hoped for - superb.


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