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Megan O'Neill - Ghost Of You

Megan O'Neill continues her rich vein of excellent releases, hot on the heels of last years EP with the Common Threads, and the beautifully heartfelt single "Why I Need You" comes a new single "Ghost Of You". Initially starting pretty much as the previous single with just Megan and a piano which would have been no bad thing, the additional instrumentation suddenly explodes into life after about 44 seconds into something perhaps ( and I dread to use the phrase ) more radio friendly, as radio friendly more often than not means adding a soulless backing track and some superfluous clapping. The instrumentation here lacks a little warmth, but stays the right side of unobtrusive.

Fortunately there is no derailing this track, as Megan's vocals come shining through and it comes with a chorus that effortlessly grabs your attention

To quote Megan " It’s about loved ones lost but their memories live on as part of you" and is setting expectations high for the album that this is to come from.

Megan will be appearing at Nashville Nights February 10th.

#MeganONeill #TheGhostOfYou