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Clare Cunningham Whiskey Talks

Country Music Week was an exceptional week, bringing across a number of artists we had not seen previously, and they were not only to be found on stage! In the audience at the Kip Moore show TEAMw21 met up with Clare Cunningham who told us she had a new single coming out. Clare is Irish but based out of Sweden where she was once part of an all girl rock group Thundermother but now she is turning in a more Americana direction and the results on the basis of this single are well worth checking out

Starting as a gentle acoustic strum this song soon builds and opens up to a hugely impressive sound. Clare's vocals as you'd expect from her rock background are big and strong packing a powerful punch.

By the time we get mid way through there is a rocking guitar solo that goes to make this five minutes that really grabs you.There are some great lines about the power that whiskey, "how it casts a spell I can't undo". and how it leads to "Lonely Whiskey Tears around these eyes". The song builds up a picture of the singers descent into addiction "Pour me another one as it never lets me down". This is a big brash introduction to the Americana market and we await eagerly to see what else Clare has to offer.


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