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Sarah Darling The Borderline

I'm not sure if there is a collective noun for Country stars but as I approached the Borderline was nearly mown down by a stampede of exiting Country musos including Two Ways Home, Logan Brill and Jeannine Barry and half a dozen more, all exiting from the Daytime Hub session.

Sarah Darling had flown in from Northern Ireland for this show and put in a performance that showed just how far she has risen in the esteem of UK audiences in the last twelve months no longer needing to prompt her fans when to join in they are already ahead of her. Joined tonight with her regular UK guitarist Dean Roberts, and in addition a tall long haired gentleman Jamie Evans, best known to us for his production work on Wildwood Kin's debut album "Turning Tide", this was to be a three guitar affair with Sarah playing hers, with the heart shaped cut out.

Things naturally began with a visit to "Dream Country" definitely the most essential purchase of 2017 for "Where Cowboys Ride" immediately highlighting Sarah to be in fine voice, with Dean able to apply a flourish or two, followed by the ever gorgeous "Starry Eyes". The three guitar combo upped the volume for a run through of "Tell That Devil" where for the first time unprompted Sarah was able to point her microphone towards the audience who keenly played their part singing back the chorus. Her face was an absolute picture at this development!

It would be easy to rest on her laurels but fortunately for us , Sarah is shortly to return to the studio to work on the followup to "Dream Country", which is why Mr Evans was to be found on stage as he had helped co-write a brand new song "Angel Wings". It is never easy to judge a song on first listen but this sounded right at home with the "Dream Country" vibe. The next song some may have had a preview of as Sarah shared it on facebook during her "In The Round " tour with Jenn Bostic and Michael Logen, in fact Michael helped resurrect this song in Sarah's affections. It is a song about addiction and hidden under a cracking tune is a serious message "You can't hold your whiskey and hold me too" and was delivered beautifully, in fact many were already singing the chorus.

A second mass singalong came with " More Issues Than Vogue", a song that gets such a huge reception even though it is as yet unrecorded. There was only one way to finish, the song that everyone can take heart from, that they were "Meant to shine", the ever wonderful "Halley's Comet". Having seen Sarah a number of times over the summer this performance was up with the best of them, With a Christmas themed show to come up in London at St Pancras Old Church Dec 8th, and a Christmas CD to come, there is still a little Sarah Darling sparkle to be delivered this year.

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