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Eric Paslay, Temecula Road, Jillian Jacquline The Borderline

Heading to the New Borderline is always a pleasure these days and this week for Country Music Week, you know you are in for a treat when the line up is this special. One comment is that acts do seem to be coming on earlier than normal, so first performers may have been noticing a lot of later attendees.

So with a good spot to the front of the stage I was ready for Jillian Jacqueline, This was a first sighting for #TEAMw21 and I was so impressed, one woman and a the support of a acoustic guitar/backing vocals, Brian. Her voice effortlessly filled the venue and people were just hushed for her set which impressed me as the venue can exacerbate any background noise. People attentively listened, sang in all the right places to her songs, albeit for a far to brief warm up set, it was soon time for her to leave the stage. This is one of the hardest working support acts of CMW2017 so do try and catch up with her at some point over the next few days if you can

Songs :-

Holier Than Thou

Sugar And Salt


Hate Me


Next up were Temecula Road, I missed these guys at C2C and I can't think the hell why had I missed these three before now? Emma, Maddie and Dawson, the later being friend of the two sisters just provided us with beautiful harmonies and incredible guitar/mandolin work. It was a really polished performance with a really nice cover of Maren Morris's "My Church" thrown in for good measure. With their thank you's done and one last song they said their goodbye's and headed to the merch table to meet with the fans, always a nice little touch. Once again you can see them at the Daytime Hub again at the Borderline if you haven't seen them before.

Songs :-

Drive Slow

What If I Kissed

Good As It Gets


My Church

Everything Without You


Eric Paslay, what can I say, I voice recorded the whole set, so I wouldn't forget a moment of that night and I would be able to reflect back for my notes for this review. The man has talent oozing our of every pore and is kindness personified. As he sits on stage you feel like you are listening to a friend chattering away about their songs, he explained every piece of music to us, how it came about, the thought process, his co-writers, even how the CD's ended up with Jake Owen (thank you Mrs P), I have often thought in my head he is the USA's version of Ed Sheeran, then last night out of his own mouth he said how he felt he wanted to meet and write with him as they were both ginger's and "brothers" and his words were #TwoGingersDontMakeAWrite. He shouted to his tour manager and said "quick get some t-shirts made"! Everyone fell about laughing, the night was full of laughter, but occasionally sadness, the remembering of Tom Petty, we all launched into "Freefalling" that saw us all sing with gusto. Then of course he reflected on Las Vegas and the mood just dipped a little, as we all stood with our heads maybe bowed for those 59 concertgoers, that man played so beautifully and told us "Hate will NEVER win" and it won't - we shall never stop going to concerts, we shall keep supporting our guys, especially the fantastic ones like Eric. He explained how much of a songwriter he was and to him singing, the songs that others make huge hits was a pleasure, no it was an honour. Finally our time was up but despite curfew being called Eric made sure he came out and met every fan who wanted a signature, photo or just to say hi, to me that is a star! So thank you Eric Paslay,

Songs :-

Keep On Fallin'

Angel Eyes

Never Really Wanted

She Don't Love You

Song About A Girl

Water Into Wine

Always On My Mind

Barefood Blue Jeans Night

High Class


Here Comes Love On The Road


Less Than Whole

Friday Night

Even If It Breaks Your Heart

#EricPaslay #JillianJacqueline #TemeculaRoad

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