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  • Chris Farlie

Legends Of Country - Club WM - C2C 2017

Taking to the stage at the Club WM, the Legends Of Country started with a bit of a confession, things were not going to sound as normal as their normal bassist had been required to go to hospital, and the various attempted replacements had not worked out. So probably not the start they had intended, however it was only after the opener “If I Knew What I’d Be Doing I’d Be Dangerous”, that they remembered that he also provided the backing vocals for the song.

This band delivers on all levels, great musicality and a deft line in lyrics that can walk the tightrope between tragedy and comedy. Take “Old Guns”, the first of two age related songs in the set, realising that while you might not achieve everything you set out to when you are young, there is still plenty of fun to be had as you get older. The second age related song “40 In the Spring” had Club WM rocking. Jof Owen on lead vocals made a very amiable host and held the set together, making the audience part of the event, literally as it would later turn out.

That thin line mentioned earlier was evidenced by the wonderful if slightly tragic “Saturday Dads” detailing the problems of being an absent father. Despite everything, the set was proceeding swimmingly and then took a further twist as Dave from Wales, became inducted into the Legends Of Country to provide backing vocals on the basis that he said he know the words to “Long Way Back From A Dream” probably the only song of the whole festival dedicated to darts!. Not only did he know the words but could also carry a tune, ending the song to one of the most rousing rounds of applause we would hear all weekend.

Sadly, the larks had to come to an end, and the final piece of rocking came in the shape of “Jelly & Jam”. We did predict that this would be an event to witness and it delivered all we had hoped and more. One further accolade that the Legends would have won was the most beautiful set list with the song titles circled with stars and jewels! There is only one word to describe their appearance “Legendary”!

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