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  • Chris Farlie

Jeannine Barry - Bittersweet

The little teasers that Jeannine had been posting on social media hinted that this might be just a little bit different and she has certainly delivered. It comes in a slightly odd cover with Jeannine looking slightly contorted but there is no denying that she’ll be comfortable with the contents within. She’s teamed up with Lisa Wright, Robbie Cavanagh and Justin Johnson to make something a little special. Not many would have expected the opening song, “Bittersweet” to give out a delicious soul vibe, but that is exactly what happens. The instrumentation is bravely sparse and it sounds so much the better for it, the singing is also beautifully restrained, quite possibly her best song to date. It is perhaps a little down beat as she contemplates that “It's just me and myself this time”, but we really feel that pain. There is light at the end of the tunnel as she says “It’s ok that was yesterday” but it is a song wrought with angst. “Burning Bridges” continues the theme of less is more, with a song that uses no more than the bare minimum of instruments and where the instrumentation really supports the singing. It seems quite mournful built around the phrase “so much love but no love around” “Shake You Off” is the most up tempo number of the collection, it comes with a great little chorus with a “Jump – How high” section that should go down well live, as well as having a neat little guitar solo. It is a fun little tune, a refresher after the emotional torment of the earlier songs. “Holding On” the closing song is also a little bit different, essentially just some guitars and backing vocals it has a wonderful spooky echo to it, and a chorus calling out “I don’t think I can hold on anymore”. There is a little guitar riff that just occasionally appears throughout the song that adds that unsettling feeling to the track. Without doubt this is a wonderful EP, almost certainly her strongest collection of songs to date where musicians, singer and production team have really worked on getting a great sound, Jeannine has never sounded better.

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